Website UX and Design

Located on Kohala Mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii, FARM Center's mission is to assist in the recovery and vitalization of our planet's varied forest ecosystems by protecting healthy watersheds and cultivating biological and cultural diversity.

We worked together to craft a website that would provide information on FARM Center's mission, encourage donors, announce workshops, and attract interns and students.

Our Process

Information Architecture

From site map to wireframe to a working prototype of the site.


Visual Design

We began the development for a brand for FARM Center by discussing concepts and imagery that portray FARM Center's ideals.


The Logo

 We defined three approaches to the logo: a quatrefoil, an iconic image , and a font treatment. With FARM Center's overarching goal of returning the Hawaiian Islands to cloud forests in mind, we chose the canopy as the icon.

Color Schemes


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